Friday, September 08, 2006

Are head lice deadly?

No (You knew I was going to say that didn't you?). But what are lice? Lice are a sort of bug that attach to your scalp and sucks blood. Is that deadly? Nope. There are no known head lice to human diseases. It can be itchy though. Is that deadly? It can be if you scratch your scalp way to much. It can start to bleed and can become infected, but the danger is minimal. Can you stop lice once they've started? Yes, there are are two ways: use of lice combs and lice shampoo. Are either of those treatments deadly? Lice combs no, Lice shampoo rarely. Lice shampoos are basically pesticides, you see, and through improper application can be extremely dangerous. Oh and they've found that use of a lice comb on wet hair is four times as affective as shampoos anyway.
So if you have head lice don't panic, Lice are not deadly, Don't scratch and don't get lice shampoos, just wash your hair and use a lice comb, and that's the WØRD.
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